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The Changing Norwegian Welfare State and System

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About This Course

This course module uses a visual and interactive approach to learn more about how the Norwegian welfare state has developed and to begin to evaluate Norwegian strategies towards work inclusion, specifically, the national active labour market measure, the Qualification Program. You will learn new ways to evaluate the work inclusion strategies beyond those currently used. Our focus is on moving beyond an income-only focus. Together with the in-class lecture and exercise that follows, the course will provide an appreciation of the historical, social-material and psychological factors shaping the success of inclusion methods targeted to diverse and often marginalized populations. We will focus on:

• policy strategies and necessary considerations when developing inclusion measures

• evaluation of current work inclusion measures using alternative approaches to a focus on income

The course will move between different levels of experiences shaping the success of labour activation measures, including a biographical approach to the everyday life of the target group individuals, as well as the structural and institutional factors shaping inclusion experiences.


You must be enrolled in SSA4100-1 Sosial og velferdspolitikk in order to sign up for the course module.

Course Staff

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Erika Gubrium

Erika is Professor of Social Work and Social Policy at the Oslo Metropolitan University in Norway. Her work focuses on qualitative (in-depth interview) approaches to investigating and evaluating anti-poverty measures, both in Norway and internationally.

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